Microprocessors and microcontrollers offer a wealth of features and peripherals at an attractive price point, making processor control the most efficient option for almost any application.

Flexibility of software control enables functionality to be enhanced by firmware upgrades in the field, at any time. Replying to market demand dynamically is made easy using processor-controlled solutions.

SCHMID mme selects a processor architecture according to your requirements. Often, a microcontroller is the optimum choice. Computationally intensive applications may benefit from a signal processor.


Depending on processing power, feature set, code density, and power requirements, a wide variety of architectures are made available by SCHMID mme.

With any architecture, SCHMID mme features high-quality development tools, C compilers, middleware components, simulators, and debuggers (with trace, if available).

ARM Cortex-M

Powerful mainstream architecture suitable for many markets, 32 bits, high CPU power, floating point engine, versatile peripheral set.

Manufacturers: ST Microelectronics, NXP/Freescale and many more

ARM Cortex-A

Very fast architecture for media-rich applications, integrated graphics engine

Hersteller: NXP/Freescale and many more


Cost-efficient 8-bit RISC architecture, comprehensive peripheral set

Manufacturer: Microchip


Energy saving 16-bit architecture, versatile set of peripherals.

Manufacturer:Texas Instruments


Very low power, 8-bit RISC architecture, cost-efficient and targeted to high-volume applications.

Manufacturer: EM Marin

Signal Processors

SCHMID mme employs a number of popular signal processor architectures.
DSPs code is written in C, and where appropriate, in assembly language.


Powerful floating-point DSP architecture.

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


High-performance architecture using floating and fixed-point arithmetics.

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


Powerful DSP architecture for media-rich applications requiring many interfaces.

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


Real-time control MCUs combining features of controller and signal processor alike.

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


Low power signal processors.

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments