Power Supplies and Charging

Power Supplies

AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies with rich features sets by SCHMID mme are designed to meet the complex power management requirements of today's applications.

High efficiency, excellent EMC performance, low cost: Carefully engineered chip-level designs tailored to customers' specification outperform standard solutions easily.

Rechargeable Batteries

In order to deliver significant amounts of power to portable devices in an eco-friendly way, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are the solution of choice.

SCHMID mme designs charging circuits and characterizes rechargeable batteries in their laboratory, estimating endurance and cycle count.

SCHMID mme also supports customers in achieving battery certification according to DIN IEC 62133.

Wired Charging

SCHMID mme integrates charging circuitry in any application.

Fast charging, temperature protection, balancing are implemented according to customers' requirements.

Wireless Charging

Using inductive charging techniques, user experience is enhanced by doing away with charging cables and sockets.
Additional requirements like hermetically sealed enclosures can be met easily.

Whether customers are looking for a standards compliant solution (like Qi) or a low-BOM, low-cost proprietary solution, whether it's about 100 milliwatts or 100 watts: Wireless charging provides additional benefits to many devices.

Energy Harvesting

Zero energy consumption would require a perpetuum mobile — but average zero energy consumption is reality!

SCHMID mme implements energy harvesting solutions based on solar, piezo, or thermoelectric generators, so no primary energy source is required any more.

Laboratory simulation compares over time the amount of energy produced with the amount consumed in order to ensure full autonomy even for extended periods of time.