Mixed Signal and Analog

Even though many applications focus on digital technologies and processor control, the environment is analog, and so are the interfaces to the outside world.

Data Converters — ADC and DAC

Input and output signals being analog, data converters often prove to be crucial to product quality, providing high-fidelity data to digital processing algorithms.

SCHMID mme offers the full range of data converter technology, from mixed signal CPUs with integrated DAC and ADC to high resolution external converters with maximum signal to noise ratio, to high-speed converters for video and instrumentation. Specialist layout engineers make sure to implement an optimum board layout, so that the converter performs to the best of its specification values.

Analog Circuits

Analog domain engineering has always been a top priority at SCHMID mme, in order to provide maximum performance and cost efficiency when processing analog signals.

Low-level analog signals, like those generated by thermocouples, are processed with highest precision, as are process control interfaces like current loops etc.