Industrial Control


Developing reliable industrial control applications is a main focus of SCHMID mme.

It's not just the hardware but also firmware and software, which are engineered to the highest degree of reliability. Defensive coding style, static and dynamic code quality testing result in quality levels that even the most demanding customers accept with ease — times and again.


At SCHMID mme, industrial control applications are engineered for an extended product life cycle, using components with long term availability.


Despite their high complexity, SCHMID mme solutions excel in efficiency.

Selecting components with just the right integration level ensures an optimum balance between size, service friendliness, and cost.

Saving cost by update, not redesign

Keeping applications current by regularly updating components and firmware unleashes cost reduction opportunities.

Carefully updating circuits by integrating most recent components, replacing older, larger, more energy and cost intensive designs enables SCHMID mme customers to keep up with technology enhancements with ease.