Graphical User interfaces

Meeting end customer expectations about aesthetics and ergonomics involves creating sophisticated user interfaces. Latest hardware architectures enable doing so at remarkably low effort.

High-quality displays, modern graphical interfaces, innovative input methods: An attractive portfolio of features can be implemented easily.

  • High-resolution, animated graphics
  • Contemporary flat designs
  • Touch screens
  • Gesture control

Whether as small as 2.4" or as large as 19" — whether it's a few dollars or a few hundred: There are solutions available for every need.

Mobile apps

Increasing demand is seen to connect products to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets — either for enhanced visualization or to save local user interface elements.

SCHMID mme responds to this demand by developing, coding, and deploying mobile apps on Android and Apple iOS.

Customers enjoy a one-stop engineering experience, delivered by engineers understanding hardware and providing seamless integration with mobile software.


Design and Implementation

Product Idea


A user interface designer discusses with the customer all concepts and logics of the user interface.

The customer approves the concept.


A graphics designer creates all assets to be used in the interface design.


The user interface designer imports all graphical assets into their UI design tool, compiles the design, and exports C code.

The customer can test and approve the interface on a virtual prototype.


An embedded software engineer develops business logic independently from user interface.

Once business logic is complete, both parts of the application are compiled into a single image.

Final product