If I had asked what people wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Henry Ford American industrialist and chief developer of the assembly line technique of mass production

Unobtrusive but indispensable

Founded in 1996, SCHMID mme focuses exclusively on custom electronic engineering. Awarding the privilege to our customers to market their product under their very own brand, SCHMID's engineering services, name, or logo, never foreground on a final product.

Founded by Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Schmid, who still holds CEO position today, the company evolved from specialized audio/video algorithm engineering to a full service engineering company. Today, SCHMID mme offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and firmware engineering, enriched with mobile apps development, serving distinct markets as diverse as industrial electronics, instrumentation, and sensing.



Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Schmid incorporates "SCHMID electronic - digital audio engineering"


DSP engineering

SCHMID electronic purchases their first DSP development environment, including an in-circuit emulator.



The company relocates to larger premises at the current address.


New CAD software

Accel EDA (later known as P-CAD) CAD software being introduced, enabling Multi-layer circuit boards and Blind & Buried Vias for the first time.


Digital Audio analysis

Instrumentation hardware for digital audio interfaces being introduced by purchasing high-quality equipment by Rohde & Schwarz.


ADAT license

SCHMID mme licenses key technologies for the first time, enabling their customers to implement technical breakthroughs: SCHMID mme acquires an engineering license for the ADAT digital audio interface.


RF engineering

SCHMID mme adds RF engineering to their portfolio, including antenna design, enabling customers to integrate radio-frequency data transmission on ISM Bands into their products.


Math expert software

SCHMID electronic acquires a license of Maplesoft's Maple 9 math expert system, enabling simulation of algorithm prior to target hardware being built.


RFID techonology

Long before end customers become aware of RFID technology, SCHMID mme already conceives applications using this key technology.


Time to Market

SCHMID significantly shortens engineering cycles significantly by regularly procuring prototype components from the United States.


Power Electronics

SCHMID mme engineering services further evolve by including power electronics.
The hardware lab now features an artificial AC mains of high purity.
Energy efficiency becoming increasingly important, quiescent power of SCHMID's power supply prototypes fall below 10 mW for the first time.


3D design and engineering

SCHMID mme employs an industrial designer for the first time, implementing electronic/mechanical CAD co-design using 3D software SolidWorks. Rapid prototyping becomes possible.


Environmental simulation

SCHMID electronic adds a climate chamber to the hardware lab.


Lab instrumentation

SCHMID mme starts developing laboratory-grade instrumentation devices.


Graphical user interfaces

SCHMID mme acquires a license of their first GUI development tool for embedded devices, called easyGUI by IBIS Solutions.
New employees trained in the graphical business are in charge of implementing high-quality GUIs using Adobe graphics tools.


First electric car

SCHMID mme welcomes their first fully electric car, enabling to visit customers with zero emission.
The company being supplied by 100% green electric energy .


New CAD software

Again, SCHMID mme switches to a new generation of CAD software: Altium Designer.
The new software enables circuit boards of highest density, with rigid, flex, or rigid-flex construction, and fitting into tightest spaces.


Focus on USB

SCHMID mme acquires a USB Vendor ID and adds USB physical layer and protocol analysis capabilities to the hardware lab.


Apple MFi license

SCHMID mme acquires a development license of Apple MFi technology, enabling them to implement encrypted connections to iPhones and iPads.


App development

SCHMID mme engineering services now also comprise mobile app development on Android and iOS, focusing on hardware-centric applications.
Bluetooth projects can be implemented in conjunction with Apple MFi license.


Cost efficiency

SCHMID mme projects are being implemented in the cost-conscious consumer market.


Bluetooth analysis

SCHMID mme acquires instrumentation tools to analyze Bluetooth over-the-air interface.


Graphical user interfaces

SCHMID mme acquires a license of their second-generation user interface design tool: Embedded Wizard by Tara Systems.
From now on, GUIs can become even more sophisticated and visually appealing.


Third electric car

SCHMID mme fleet receives their third fully electric car. A total distance of 250,000 km have been covered with zero emission.


Despite of COVID

SCHMID mme successfully defies COVID-19 pandemic, implementing new projects, expanding lab capabilities, and updating IT to the next level.


25 years of engineering

SCHMID mme celebrates delivering engineering services for 25 years.



Supporting their customers in fighting component shortage, SCHMID mme extends their services in procurement and re-engineering.