Always Up-to-date

Requirements, applications, and devices are constantly evolving over time: Accounting for new components, more powerful processors or discontinued parts, numerous changes need to be managed over product life cycle.

SCHMID mme updates customers' applications with latest components, reducing footprint, energy consumption, and cost.

SCHMID mme ports existing software and firmware to most recent processor derivates or architectures.
Also, expectations of code quality change over time. SCHMID mme restructures existing code in oder to meet latest requirements about:

  • Rules compliance (MISRA)
  • Robustness and resilience
  • Readability
  • Portability
  • Encryption
  • Data protection

Bridging the Gap

How to address missing engineering documentation, schematics, Gerber data, or firmware images?

SCHMID mme re-engineers schematics and manufacturing data from existing specimens, reverse creates netlists from Gerber data, regenerates solder paste data or Pick & Place files, or re-codes device behavior in firmware according to specimens or requirements.

CAD Migration

Customers needing to migrate to a new CAD system, but requiring to keep existing projects can be served by SCHMID mme transferring legacy projects to latest CAD software — by engineers, not by import.

SCHMID engineers will be glad to work on-site using customer's CAD software.